What do you do?

There are so many energy suppliers that exist in the UK, it's difficult to know all of them and keep up with the different tariffs that they offer.

Labrador is not an energy provider. We are here to provide a service that helps our users discover cheap energy for their household. We have developed a system that regularly monitors and compares the energy market for newer and better tariffs, and we use the results to switch our users to the energy supplier that best suits their preferences.

You can read more about that here.

Do you work for an energy supplier?

The short answer is no, we do not. We are an independent entity and this is really important to us.

When we switch you to a new energy supplier, that supplier is solely chosen based on your personal preferences that you've configured in your Labrador account and that it's cheaper than your current one. So, because we don't work for any energy suppliers, you have the freedom to switch to any supplier that you'd like.

That's it, really!

What else do I need to know?

Only that we are a free service and that the contract agreement will always be between you and the service provider. We are just here to help you save on your energy bills.

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