Is my contract with you or with a supplier?

The short answer is that your contract is always with the energy supplier that we switch you to. By signing up to use our service, you are enabling us to help you discover new cheaper tariffs. When we switch you to a new supplier, we also help set up a contract between you and your new energy supplier.

We are just here to help; once the contract is signed, we are out of the picture until we're able to find you an even better one in the future and we start the process all over again.

So, why do you need my details?

Most energy suppliers require your information when a new contract is drafted. Because we are taking care of this process on your behalf, we also need this information so we can complete the process for you.

For example, we would need your bank details if you would like your payment plan to use your direct debit. If you would prefer not to provide bank details, you can select "Pay on Receipt of Bill" as your payment option. (By the way, you can set up your personal preferences, as much or as little as you'd like).

And speaking of bank details, Labrador is a free service. We will never take money out of your account for any reason and we'll always handle any sensitive information safely and securely.

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