Smart meters are electronic devices that record energy consumption in near real time.

Usage is usually shown in pounds and pence and sent back to the supplier from the meter using secure two way communication. The benefit of this from a consumers point of view is that it means the end of manual meter reads.

Apart from the benefit of automation, smart meters bring an end to estimated billing meaning you only pay for the energy you use.

Usually an in-home display is fitted so you can view your usage and manage your energy consumption more accurately.

The number of smart meters in homes across the UK is rising and by 2020 the government has mandated that all suppliers take reasonable steps towards rolling out smart meters to all homes and small businesses.

If you want to make the move from  traditional to smart meter Labrador can switch you to a tariff that comes with a fast track smart meter installation. 

Getting a smart meter also means that you can use our free Retriever device which monitors your usage so we can switch you to a better energy deal automatically and accurately.

To find out more about smart meters, check out the video bellow.

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