Landlords and homeowners that manage multiple properties are those who stand to gain the most from using the Labrador service.

If you own or manage several properties, you can open a new account for each property that you manage. The only requirement is that you need to be the person responsible for paying the energy bill.

Email Managements

In order to keep your communications in one place, you can use the following way to organise your emails. Many modern email providers such as Gmail or Hotmail allow the use of the '+' sign to ease the process of filtering your emails without needing to create a new address.

As an example, you can tag your property based on the home postcode like this:

Property in Islington:
Property in Manchester:

Both of these emails will arrive in address.

For more information on this, check out these articles:

Yahoo uses a different method using disposable addresses but it has a similar functionality. If you are using a different email provider that's not mentioned here, you may need to check your provider's documentation for guidance.

This allows you to independently manage each one of your properties without needing to to set up a separate email account for each property. In doing so, you'll also be able to customise each property accordingly. For instance, one property may have a smart meter while another may not. You'll have full and complete control over the switching behaviour of your properties.

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