Yes, Labrador is completely and entirely a free service. There are no asterisks, small prints, shipping costs, hidden registration fees, or features that are only available with purchase. We also do not sell your data to third party companies. Even the Labrador Retriever device that we offer is also free. We even include the shipping and handling charges to get this to your home.

How does that work?

Many online services that we are too familiar with are able to provide a free service by showing advertisements on their websites. These ads are specifically targeted to you according to your Internet activities and revenue is generated when you click or make a purchase on the advertised product.

Our revenue model works differently. The reason we are able to provide this service gratis is through the switches that our service initiates. When the switch is finalised, we receive a "finders fee" revenue from the supplier.

We have developed an algorithm that constantly monitors the energy market in the UK. When it has found a tariff that can give a user significant savings, we let our users know about it and prompts them if the new tariff works for their household. (As a side note, our users have the ability to change their preferences so that switches can happen automatically.)

Who is your best energy supplier?

In order to remain unbiased, we get the same amount from all energy suppliers regardless of their presence, whether they are small or part of the Big Six energy suppliers.

This results in two immediate benefits:

  1. Because we get the same amount of revenue independent of the supplier, we are able to focus on finding the cheapest deal for our customers without being tempted to offer a less than optimal switch just because it benefits us more. Furthermore, in doing so...
  2. We are creating an environment amongst the energy suppliers in the UK that promotes the spirit of competitiveness and minimises the chance for a single or a group of energy suppliers to entirely dominate the industry. To be successful, energy suppliers must then continue to lower their prices, which in turns makes available energy tariffs even more affordable to everyone.

In short, it really is in our best interest that we find the best tariffs for our customers because what we have with them is, truly, a symbiotic relationship.

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