We're sad to see you go!

Is there any reason why you'd like to cancel? We understand that life happens and if you need to stay with your tariff or energy provider for the time being, you can simply set your automated switch to Alert and simply not take any action on switch offers until you're ready.

You may have a really good tariff right now and you don't need to switch, but that's not going to last forever. That's why we are here. In the future, when a newer and cheaper tariff becomes available, we can let you know if that's something you'd like to switch to.

Let us know if there's anything we can do differently to give you a much better experience with our service. You can drop us a line at contact@thelabrador.co.uk at any time.

Whatever the reason may be for your departure, we would definitely appreciate any constructive feedback from you so we can continue to improve our service. To proceed with your cancellation, send us an e-mail at the address above and we'll process that for you.

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